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Creating Cozy Spaces

Let's Make Your Fireplace Dreams a Reality

Transform your living space into a cozy retreat with a fireplace installation, adding both warmth and charm to your home. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, fireplaces offer practical benefits, providing a reliable heat source and creating a welcoming atmosphere for gatherings with loved ones.

With various styles and fuel options available, a fireplace installation enhances the ambiance of any room while offering a cost-effective heating solution that reduces reliance on central heating systems.

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Smart Heat, Stylish Design

Modern Installation for Today's Home

Modern fireplaces have revolutionized the way we experience warmth and comfort in our homes. Utilizing advanced technology, these fireplaces offer efficient heating and customizable features to suit your lifestyle. Whether fueled by gas or electricity, modern fireplaces provide instant warmth at the touch of a button, with options for adjustable settings and remote control operation.

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with a modern fireplace installation, transforming your living space into a cozy sanctuary year-round.

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Transform your space into a cozy haven with expert fireplace solutions from Air Tech. From repairs to installations, our team ensures your fireplace remains a beloved part of your home for years.

Reach out today to explore our services and elevate the comfort and beauty of your living or working environment.

You have thousands of dollars invested in your home’s HVAC and Plumbing equipment

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What Clients Say About Our Work

Air Tech's clients rave about their exceptional work, praising their reliability, efficiency, and top-notch service in HVAC and Plumbing solutions.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews

Dennis L.

My old hot water tank blew up and Air tech mechanical flew into action, I was back in business the very next day. Quick and professional service. Thanks guys.

Barrie S.

Air Tech technician Daylon proved to be totally competent and has abilities far above the competition in our area. Pleasure to deal with and absolutely open in the communication of his actions.

Randy M.

They did all our gas work hooking up our pizza oven, at Saucies Pizza, excellent job, highly recommend this company, very happy.

Brandon B.

Fantastic service at a fair price. Locally owned. These guys have an impeccable record.

Stacey G.

Service was great. I had to work and felt comfortable leaving daylon at my house. He locked up and called me to update me on what he did and what was needed.

Brian W.

Great team, everything is done right. Highly recommend this company.